By electrifying our entire range, we’re not just imagining what tomorrow will look like, we’re already building it. By 2030 all our passenger vehicles in Europe will be electric, and two-thirds of our commercial vehicles will be either plug-in hybrid or electric. So, whether you need a Ford for work, play, or everything in between, you’ll have the power to choose the right EV for you.


Browne & Day are excited to introduce you to the excellent range of new Mild Hybrid, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and battery electric vehicles that have been announced so far and help you discover more about the different powertrains available.

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If you’re considering making the switch to an electrified vehicle, then it’s important you understand the differences between them.

Mild Hybrid

A Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) is a vehicle that uses a small electric motor to assist the engine and improve efficiency. The key difference from a Hybrid being that battery only assists the engine and cannot power the vehicle alone. This makes Mild Hybrid vehicles perfect for people who live in the city and the countryside. It also helps your wallet out too by reducing the number of trips to the petrol pump.

Hybrid Electric

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) are an increasingly popular choice. They use both self-charging electric motors and combustion engines, switching seamlessly between the two powertrains to improve driving range and fuel consumption. Whether you are commuting up and down the country or just around your local area, Hybrid's will not only help you save a few pennies, they will also increase the range and therefore the time between fill-ups, making them one of the most practical options for motorists.


A Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) comes with all of the functionality of a full Hybrid, with the added advantage that they can be charged from an external electrical supply. They are also capable of zero-emissions while driving short distances, meaning your school run or commute could be completed solely on electric power. A PHEV also has the added advantage that if you need to go further it will seamlessly transition between electric and petrol power.

All Electric

All-electric vehicles run on battery power alone. Zero fuel. Zero emissions on the road. So, they’re better for the environment and, with government purchase incentives, reduced road tax and no penalties in some low emission zones, they’re good for your wallet too.

Still not sure what’s the different between the different powertrains. Ask yourself questions, such as how many miles do I drive?, How much traffic do I encounter?, Where can I charge the vehicle, if necessary?, How environmentally friendly do I want to be? and Do I drive in low emission zones that charge fees?

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Charging made simple

Ford is offering a number of practical ways to ensure your Plug-in Hybrid or All-Electric vehicle’s battery is kept charged. Depending on the type of electric car or van you choose, there are a variety of Charging options and solutions we can provide. We want to make Charging your Plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle as easy and painless as possible.

IONITY: Going The Distance

The electric revolution isn't just about vehicle technology. We're also investing in the infrastructure that powers longer distance journeys. IONITY is a joint venture between Ford, BMW Group, Daimler and the Volkswagen Group. Together, we're building a reliable, high-powered fast Charging network across Europe to help you make longer journeys with less time spent Charging.

Ford is also working in partnership with New Motion, who are building Europe’s largest public Charging network. This partnership allows you, through your smartphone, to find out where the nearest public Charging points are, how to get there and how much it will cost to fully charge your Plug-in Hybrid or electric car or van. On your All-Electric Ford vehicle you can also find out which public charge points fall on your scheduled journey – meaning you can charge your electric vehicle on-the-go without compromising your current route.

Ionty charging

Home Charging

Plugging your hybrid or electric vehicle in at home is a simple and effective way to ensure it’s ready to go when you need it. Simply connect your vehicle to a standard domestic socket and leave it to charge. This isn’t the fastest way to charge the battery because of the limited power availability from household sockets. However, it doesn’t require the need for additional hardware and therefore represents a cost-effective and highly accessible method of recharging your plug-in vehicle.

Faster Home Charging

Want to make charging your all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle at home as fast as possible? The range of Ford wall boxes can assist. With the help of one of our expert partners, we can help you arrange the installation of a higher power wall box at home. Ford’s Wall boxes offer faster charging times versus charging via conventional plug sockets, getting your all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle back on the road as soon as you need it.

With a Ford Wall box, you can plug in overnight and guarantee yourself a full charge in the morning, just like your phone.

If you want a guaranteed full charge every night, a Ford Wall box is the best option. It’s a little extra cost, but worth it. Wall boxes can add over 20 miles (48km) of range every hour, which gives a full charge overnight, and there are even government incentives of up to £350 towards the total cost of installation. (For more information speak to one of the sales team)

Public & Destination Charging

Across the range of our all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle portfolio, we will provide public charging cables either as standard or as an accessory depending on the model that's right for you. This gives you the power to charge your Ford vehicle at any of the 100,000+ (and growing!) charge points across Europe - so you can be sure we've got you covered.

Public & Destination Charging: IONITY

Ford is also one of the founders of one of Europe’s fastest growing Charging networks: IONITY. IONITY will offer All-Electric Ford drivers market leading Charging speeds at a discounted price. In May 2019, IONITY proudly announced the opening of its 100th high powered Charging sites in Europe, marking a big step towards fulfilling the objective of opening 400 IONITY high-powered sites across Europe by the end of 2020.

Public Charging



Find out where your nearest electric charging point is on a feature called ‘Map your Trips’.

Map your Trips


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