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Winter Coats and Car Seat Safety

Do you know the dangers of car seats and winter coats?

Parents have been warned against strapping young children into their car seats whilst the child is wearing a winter coat. The reason is pretty simple and all down to science - the straps are not tight enough to protect them in a crash, even though the straps may be tight against the coat itself. The coat acts as a barrier between the child and the straps, but is not a protective aid.

Instead, parents can:

  • Place a blanket over the top of the car seat while strapped in
  • Can let the child wear their coat on backwards after being strapped in 

Whilst it might seem like an obvious parenting tactic to keep children warm in cold cars, it can in fact be detrimental to their safety. 

The car seats straps needs to be tight to the child - if you can place 2 fingers between your child and the straps, the straps are not tight enough, therefore reducing the effectiveness.

These warnings come as the icy, cold mornings draw in, meaning more children will be wearing coats on their journeys in a bid to keep warm. Winter coats in particular ar much puffier than the clothing worn in other months, meaning the distance between your child and the car seat straps becomes further apart.

If you were to place your child into the car seat using the same level of slack on the straps you used when the child was wearing their coat, you would see a noticable difference in protection.

As mentioned earlier, there are still ways to protect your child from the cold temperatures, simple by placing the coat or blanked on the outside of the car seat straps rather than underneath.

By following this simple piece of advice, you have an increased chance of protecting your children against injury in the event of a car crash.

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