Everyday Freedom with the Motability Scheme

The story behind everyday freedom.

29 July 2021 | Scheme news

You may have spotted our first ever national TV advert in some of your favourite programmes over the last few months. In May we launched our ‘everyday freedom’ campaign which ran across social media, in national press and also featured on the radio.

In this video, Delia Ray, Head of Marketing at Motability Operations, and Helen Dolphin, a Scheme customer, discuss the everyday freedom campaign, the concept behind it, and using it to bring to life the way the Scheme is enabling disabled people to maintain their independence.

The national campaign aims to boost awareness and understanding of the Scheme amongst those who are eligible to join and their families. Currently, only one-third of eligible disabled people are enjoying the benefits of a worry-free lease package through the Motability Scheme, while 1.2 million people are estimated to not be making the most of the everyday freedom it can offer.

Delia explains the aim behind the campaign is to capture the joyous, everyday moments which we all take for granted.

If you haven’t seen the TV advert yet, you can watch it below - check it out on the left.

Everyday Freedom with Ford Tourneo Custom