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About Your Local Ford Dealer, Londonderry, NI

It was a remarkable year, 1947. Albert Browne started business as Browne & Day in Claudy where he employed only 2 people, even the language was different way back then.

‘Going on a trip’ was seeing the Donegal highlands from a Lough Swilly bus, a ‘Chip’ was something that accompanied fish and ‘rave’ was what someone did with a high temperature.

Petrol was the equivalent of 7p a gallon, ‘Gaughoo’ won the Grand National at 100-1 and Londonderry boasted six cinemas. The winter was horrendous and long lasting, people walked across the Foyle to work, so thick was the ice, and Albert Browne decided to build a garage in Claudy.

With building materials so scarce in the wake of the second world war, Albert enlisted the help of his brother-in-law, Peter Day, who presented him with a permit to obtain the rudiments for building construction, cement, timber, glass, iron etc which he received from the goverment, after fighting in the war.

This alliance of convenience was the foundation for the name of the Firm, ‘Browne and Day’.

A significant development took place in 1949 when a Ford tractor representative suggested to Albert that he should apply for the franchise to sell Ford cars. Shortly after the conversation, a delegate from Ford Motor Company arrived, the formalities were quickly dispensed with and so began an association with the Ford Company that has cemented the image of both in NI, and has kept the name Browne and Day to the forefront in local motoring for well over half a century.

The first car Albert sold was a Ford model Y at a cost of only £100. 60 Years on we are a thriving business where we now employ over 20 staff in out new state-of-the-art showroom and workshop facilities which were newly built in 1986. The premises were then revamped in 2006 to cater for the expanding car market and latest technolgy where we are now selling over 500 new and used cars every year.